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ALRE Electronic Room Temperature Controllers HTRTB, HTRRUu, HTRRBu

HTRTB Super Flat Surface Mounted with Triac Output

HTRTB Range (Heating Technology)
HTRTB-210.100 and HTRTB-250.100 electronic room temperature controllers with triac output for "superflat" surface mounted installation.
Specifically designed for temperature control and monitoring in offices, homes and hotels it can be connected directly to the valve actuators on hot water heating systems.
The room temperature controller measures the room temperature with an internal sensor and activates the heating system depending on the deviation from the configured target temperature. As a triac is used as the switching element instead of a relay or bimetal, the system operates without annoying switching sounds.
Setting range 5 ... 30 degrees C.

HTRRUu Flush Mounted

HTRRUu Range (Heating Technology)

HTRRUu-210.021#21 to HTRRUu-210.021#21/7 range of electronic room temperature controllers with timer for flush mounted installation.
Flush mounted temperature and programmable time controller for electrical or hot water heating systems in rooms or underfloor heating (normally closed actuators). It can be used as a straightforward room thermostat, as a room thermostat with floor temperature monitoring (using optional remote sensor) or as a floor thermostat. (Remote sensor not included)
Setting ranges: Room temperature controller 5 .. 30 degrees C, Floor temperature controller 10 .. 42 degrees C. 230V-, 50 Hz.

HTRRBu Range Surface Mounted with Timer

HTRRBu Range (Heating Technology)

HTTRBu-110.117 and 110.121.
Electronic room temperature controllers for surface installation and time dependent control of temperatures in closed rooms. Suitable for all types of heating systems.
Valve actuator: normally closed type. The device can also be used as a master controller that enables it to trigger the temperature decrease of other controllers (slaves) such as FETR, FTR and RTBSB models.
Setting range 5..30 degrees C. 230V, 50 Hz. Adaptor plate available - JZ-17.