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ALRE Flow Controllers/Switches Air or Liquid JSF, JSL, JSW

JSL -1E Air Flow Sensing Relay

JSL-1E (Industrial Technology)

Mechanically operated. For the supervision of airflows in channels or conduits, or of airflows in the supply or exhaust air components, or facilities of fans or electrical heating coils. Device is provided for vertical installation. Switching capacity 24-250V. Spare tag (JZ-08) is available.

JSL -20/21 Air Flow Monitors

JSL range (Industrial Technology)

JSL-20 to JSL-21/24V. With electronic controller for the flow-dependent supervision of fans, regulating valves of humidifiers and electric coil heating systems. The sensor cable can be extended up to 100m in length. Power supply between 24 and 250V.

JSF - 1E ... 4E Liquid Flow Monitors

JSF Liquid Flow Monitors (Industrial Technology)

JSF-3E to JSF-2RE. Mechanically operated. For the supervision of liquid media that flow through 1/2" up to 8" pipes or tubes such as in oil, cooling or lubricant circuits. Can also be applied as protection against the lack of water. Installed vertically into a horizontal tube. Switching capacity 15 (8)A, 24-250V. Max pressure up to 13 bar. Spare paddle JZ-09 also available.

JSW 3/8 - 1 Liquid Flow Switch

JSW 3/8 - 1 Liquid Flow Switches (Industrial Technology)

For the supervision of lower and medium quantities of non-aggressive liquids in tubes of lower diameters ranging from 3/8" - 1". Installation is vertical in a horizontal tube. Not certified for use with drinking water. Switching capacity 5 A, 24-250 V.