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ALRE Differential Pressure Switches JDL, JDW

JDW / JDL Differential Pressure Switches

JDW/JDL ranges (Industrial Technology

JDW-3 to JDW-10 and JDL-109 to JDL-117A.
For the monitoring of overpressure, differential pressure or negative pressure levels in airflows or non-aggressive combustible types of gas. Also applicable for the monitoring of pressures in exhaust airflows, airflows produced by fans or for use as flow monitor for the protection of electrical coil heating systems, the monitoring of filters or for air pressure deficiency protection purposes or use as adaptive constraint control.
JDW delivered without installation on bracket.
JDL delivered with JZ-10 in attached condition. Connection set JZ-06/1 also available.
Hose sets are not included in the scope of the delivery.