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ALRE Electronic Microprocessor and Multi Stage Controllers JBT JDI

JBT-2 Electronic Two-Stage Controller with Remote Sensor

JBT range (Industrial Technology)

JBT 21-A to 23A. Two stages for heating or cooling. Sensors not included. All H, RF, F and LF sensors can be used. Control ranges -15..95 degrees C, 230V.

JBT-4/ -6/ -8 Stage Electronic Controllers with Remote Sensor

JBT-4/ -6/ -8 Stage Electronic Controllers (Industrial Technology)

JBT-420B to JBT-81AS. 4,6 and 8 stage controllers with remote sensor.

JBT-4 includes 4 stage "heating or cooling". Desired function can be chosen by means of jumpers.

JBT-6/8 includes 6 or 8 stages "heating or cooling". Desired function selectable by means of switch. LED switch for mode indication.

Sensors not included with any of models. All HF, BTF2 or LF sensors can be used with this number eg HF-3 etc. Control ranges -10...+30 degrees C, 230V.