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FTRFB Transmitter

FTRFB Range (Heating and Air Conditioning Technology)

FTRFB-080.119 to 280.120 transmitters for radio controlled heating and cooling systems. A radio room temperature sensor for detection of temperatures in indoor areas that are subject to normal pollution. If used in association with Alre radio receivers they are specially suitable for the control of temperatures in individual rooms in applications in the build environment and retrofit projects or wherever heating/cooling systems are extended.

HTFRA, HTFRB, HTFRL, and HTFRU Radio Controlled Receivers

HTFRA Range (Heating Technology)

HTFRA-010.101 to HTFRD-110.124 receivers for radio controlled heating systems.
Available with 1, 4 and 8 channels, they enable, if used in conjunction with Alre radio temperature sensors, to realise the control of temperatures in individual rooms. They are particularly applicable in cases in the building reconstruction sphere or wherever heating systems are to be extended.

Similar to HTFRL models but with IP 65 protection rating.

KTFRL and KTFRD Climate Regulators

KTFRL-213.140 (4 Channel) and KTFRL-315.125 (8 Channel) Climate Regulators (Receivers) (Air Conditioning Technology)

Radio controlled receivers which will control individual room temperatures when used with radio controlled room temperature transmitters. Applicable for heating, cooling or heating and cooling systems.

KTFRD-213.140 AND KTFRD-315.125 As above but IP 65 Rated.

CTFRB Radio Cooling Receiver

CTFRB-010.101 radio cooling controller (Air Conditioning Technology)

The CTFRB is specifically designed to address electrothermic valve actuators (normally closed) and is used together with one or more radio room temperature sensors (transmitters).

It receives target and actual values from the designated senders and activates cooling if the target value plus neutral zone is exceeded. It can be connected to up to 10 transmitters.